Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to Laurel's Blog

I’ve shared writing tips since 1995, when I started my first critique group through UW-Madison. A second group sprang up a year later, and since the time my first book came out in 2000 (“Take Your Characters to Dinner”) I’ve run three ongoing critique groups, including one for novelists only.

The tips became synonymous with Laurel the writing coach and began appearing as part of my presentations at every major UW writing program (Writer’s Institute, School of the Arts, Weekend with Your Novel, Write by the Lake and my own weekend programs like “Saving the Scene” or “Making Magic with Metaphor.”

I’m now semi-retired. But since I’m teaching almost as much as when I went to the office every day, I’m now inclined to share those tips with an even wider audience. That’s the motivation behind this blog.

The first tip will be about conveying emotion: coming up soon…

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